Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 60, January and February 2014 

Research Paper

Predictive factors of seeking cosmetic surgery

Pages 243-253

Azra Mohammadpanah Ardakan; Hassan Yaghoubi; Rahim Yousefi

Anxiety and depression in substance dependence young women in Mashhad city, ‎ Northeast of Iran

Pages 254-262

Mohammad Khajehdalouei; Maliheh‏ ‏DadgarMoghaddam; Majid-Reza Erfanian; Morteza Ahangaran; Ali Babaei

Brief Report

Meditation in Islamic and western cultures

Pages 295-300

Atefeh Soltanifar

The effect of neurofeedback training on attention rate in proficient track and field ‎athletics

Pages 312-318

Peyman Hashemian; Ahmad Farrokhi; Arash Mirifar; Maryam ‎ Keihani; Alireza Sadjadi