Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Special Issue, November and December 2016 

Review Article

The study of the relationship between diet and depression in adults

Pages 361-369

Atiyeh Sadat Husseini; Seyyed Mostafa Jalali

The impact of successful intelligence on students' critical thinking and tolerance of ambiguity

Pages 379-386

Ali Babaei; Gholamhosen Maktabi; Naser Behrozi; Askar Atashafroz

Assessment of mental health status among nurses working in hospitals in Behbahan city

Pages 387-391

Zeinab Rajabzadeh; Gholamreza Shahbazimoghadam; Tayebe Nikroo; Elahe Pourakbaran

A study of the relationship between identity styles and marital satisfaction among spouses in Tehran

Pages 491-498

Nagerss Babakhani; Shadi Assadi Niazi; Ramin Alizadeh Zakaria; Hamid Bakhtiyari

The relationship between internet addiction with loneliness and general health in female students

Pages 577-582

Zeinab Rajab Zadeh; Nasrin Najjar Asl; Gholamreza Shahbazi Moghadam; Elaheh Pourakbaran