A study on the knowledge, attitudes and students’ performance concerning IT and the barriers to use IT in their free-time

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty member of Payam-e-Noor University, Hendijan, Khouzestan province, Iran


Introduction: Nowadays, the knowledge and information technology have developed to fill individual’s free-time. This study aimed to investigate the knowledge, attitude, the students’ performance and the barriers to use IT in the free time for female students of high in Tehran city (2004-2005).
Materials and Methods: Inthis descriptive study using self-made questionnaire, number of 300 students were cases selected among 124000 via the cluster and stratified sampling method and Morgan table. In order to analyze the data, descriptive statistics such and SPSS software were used.
Results:The results showed that the majority of the students (84.2%) were less familiar with IT. Most of them had a positive attitude to the technology. There was a negative relationship between their knowledge level and the way of IT usage (R=-0.169) while there was a positive relationship between the knowledge level and the level of their IT usage (R=0.23). Most of them considered lack of motivation, technology limitation and high costs of IT as a barrier of using IT.
Conclusion: It seems that the majority of samples had a low knowledge to use IT and considered its high costs and technology limitations and lack of motivation effective, in low using of this technology.