The Comparison of process, content and personality traits between mothers with autistic children and normal (6-15age) in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


faculty of university


Purpose: This study aimed to compare between family process- content and personality traits between mothers with autistic Children and normal (age 6-15) in Tehran.

Method: 29 mothers with autistic child and 35 mothers of normal child in Tehran available sampling were selected in 2014. Methodology was ex-post facto. Data were collected by questionnaires of NEO-FFI and family process- content and analyzed through T-student.

Results: The results showed that personality trait of neuroticism in mothers with autistic children significantly was higher than mothers of normal children (P<0.01, t=-4.89). And functions of family process (P<0.01, 5.30) and family content (P<0.01, 4.52) were less than mothers of normal children.
Conclusion: The results provide some evidence that have an autistic child increase level of stress and anxiety in mothers, which gradually intensity personality trait of neuroticism of mothers and reduces the efficient functions of mothers in family process- content. Therefore, it is suggested that consider to functions of mothers with autistic children in psycho educational interventions for prevention and treatment.