A meta-analysis of extroversion and marital satisfaction

Document Type : Review Article


1 Professor, Department of psychology, University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Associate professor, Department of psychology, University of Isfahan, Iran

3 MA. in clinical psychology, Department of psychology, University of Isfahan, Iran


Introduction: It has been emphasized in different studies that personality traits of the couples are important in marital satisfaction and adjustment. However, there have been some inconsistencies and discrepancies in previous researches regarding the possible relationships between extroversion as a personality trait, and marital satisfaction, the present study was aimed at integrating the results of different researches, and assessing the size of effect of extroversion and marital satisfaction, by the use of meta analysis.
Materials and Methods: Twelve researches were selected from 20 researches which were acceptable according to their methodology. The selected researches were meta analyzed by a checklist. The total size of sample was 2535, and 12 size of effect was drawn from it.
Results:The findings have shown that the size of effect for the relationship between extroversion and marital satisfaction was equal to 0.024 (P>0.001). The size of effect was obtained as medium - low according to Kuhn table.
Conclusion: According to the obtained size of effect, extroversion as a personality trait has a significant relationship with marital satisfaction, and hence, it seems that extrovert couples have more marital satisfaction.