Seasonal affective symptoms in Eghlid, Lamerd, and Arsanjan, three cities of Fars province

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present research was to compare seasonal affective symptoms (depression) between men and women working in govermental offices at Eghlid (cold region), Lamerd (tropical) and Arsanjan (mild), three cities of Fars Province, south of Iran.
Methods and Materials: In this research 360 participants (60 men and 60 women from each city) were randomly selected between the year 2004 and 2005. The selected employees were examined in each season with respect to the seasonal affective symptoms (depression) using Beck Depression Inventory.
Results: The results obtained by repeated major analysis of variance revealed that (1): Male and female employees are different with regard to their seasonal affective symptoms (depression) (2). The amount of the employee, s seasonal affective symptoms in different seasons of a year differs (3). Employees of Eghlid, Lamerd, and Arsanjan each showed differences within themselves in each season with regard to seasonal affective symptoms (depression) (4). Employees of Eghlid, Lamerd, and Arsanjan are different with one another with respect to seasonal affective symptoms (depression). And, (5) Data showed no differences between employees with different levels of education or different age groups with respect to seasonal affective symptoms (depression) in each season of the year.