Assessing of mental health level of employed nurses in educational hospitals affliated to Tehran medical sciences university

Document Type : Research Paper



Attention to mental health is important in all aspects of life such as individual, social and occupational. Inattention to mental health is one of the most important factors in reduced productivity, be losed humanpower and develops physical and mental complications especially in professional services. Considering nurses role in health system and necessary for high motivation in work place to health security about this grand group and referral persons to them, we accomplished this research to studding of mental health nursing staff in educational hospitals affiliated to Tehran medical sciences university.
Method and Material: This is a descriptive correlational and cross- sectional study, we performed on 200 nurses who were selected via probable multistage sampling. Data collecting tool were including demographic characteristics and General Health Questionnaire -28 (GHQ-28).
Results: The findings regarding to level of mental health showed that 43% samples were symptomatic and 57% of them were asymptomatic. There was not significant correlation between mental health and demographic characteristics such as marital status, children numerous, economic satisfaction. But relationship between mental health and variables consisting of job history, overtime work and shift was significant.
Discussion: The mean score of menal health was 23/29 that in comparison with general population in Iran is high numeral. Nurses mental health to several causes toward other community people exposed to risk. The most important reasons that we could point for these findings, are job stressors identity, strain, exposing to disasters situations, shifts, organizational and individual factors.