Assumption ofAnabolic-androgenic Steroids among Isfahan University Students:Prevalence, and Awareness about Their Side Effects

Document Type : Research Paper



Different worldwide studies have shown the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids amongst adolescents and young people. Most of these drugs are being used without a physician's prescription and without any awareness of their side effects. The aim of the present study is to examine the amount of AAS drugs used by Isfahan University students and their awareness of the side effects of such drugs.
Methods and Material: The present study is a descriptive one. Target population included of all male students of Isfahan University who were available to participate in this research. The measuring instruments were anonymous self–reported questionnaires which were distributed among 315 university students. The answer rates were 80% (252 at 315).
Results: The results of data analyses indicate that 8.3% (21 persons) have already used steroids at least once and 5.55 (14 persons) are currently using these drugs. The main reason of using these drugs is the increase in muscular tissues and strength. 6% (15 persons) of these drug users believe that tiny dosage of these drugs or using them with some drugs which take the poison away from body have no disadvantage. 1.6% (4 person) said that despite awareness of the side effects of such drugs, they are using these drugs and 0/8% (2 person) assumed that they does not have any side effects.
Discussion: The results of this study show the large amount of using AAS drugs and user's awareness or incorrect awareness about the side effects of these drugs and also the necessity of some prevention programs.