Effects of adding social skill training to cognitive behavioral group therapy on the treatment of social phobia in college students of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Human is a social creature and has relation with his counterparts. Therefore, social phobia is a challenging issue for each human, which is needed to be overcome. The present study aims at studying the combined effect of the Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CGBT) and Social Skills Training (CGBT+SST) on the reduction of social phobia in students.
Methods and Materials: This study is an applied and experimental type (pre-test and post-test, with control group and random assignment). Following structured clinical interviews, based on DSM-IV and performing Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory (SPAI), clients were selected voluntarily (13 participants in each group) and were assigned randomly into the experimental group(CGBT+SST) and Control group (CGBT). After a 12-session treatment (three months, each session lasting 2 hours) in order to measure the dependent variable (social phobia), the SPAI inventory were repeated as a post-test in both groups.
Results: The results of the statistical analysis of t-test shows that, combination of the cognitive-behavioral group therapy and social skills training in comparison to the cognitive-behavioral group therapy would significantly reduce social phobia (with a significant value of P<0.001) in students.
Conclusion: It is recommended that, social skill training be added to the common treatment of social phobia.