Evaluation of stress factors in nurses of different hospital wards

Document Type : Research Paper



Nurses are at risk for the job-related-stresses, because of their responsibility in preparing convenience, comfort and cure for patients. These stresses affect their mental and physical health. This study aims to evaluate the job-related stressors of nurses in different wards.
Materials and Methods: In this cross sectional (2005) study, 150 professional nurses were randomly selected from surgery, burn, psychiatry, emergency and internal wards of Ebn-e-Sina and Imam Reza hospitals. They answered to nurses' stressors questionnaire that evaluates all aspects of self- stress and physical, patients care, management and interpersonal stressors. Data were analyzed through қ2 test, Pearson's correlation, variance analysis and SPSS software.
Results: The most important stressors were physicians who could not attend in emergency cases, shortage of working staffs compared to the numbers of patients and caring of end- stage patients. The most severe stressors were about management and the less severe were interpersonal. There was not a significant difference between the mean tension rates of wards. Job stresses of nurses did not relate to any of variables such as age, gender marital status, work shift, job history and working in different wards
Conclusion: The most severe job-related stressors in professional nurses are management stressors.