Assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and its relation with psychopathology among emergency units nurses in Ahvaz, city, south-western part of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present research was to examine the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among emergency ward nurses and their relation with psychopathology and some psychological problems compare to nurses of other wards of Ahvaz hospitals.
Materials and Methods: This descriptive and post causal research was done 9 months during 2007. The sample consisted of 110 emergency nurses that were selected randomly from Ahvaz hospitals. The control group consisted of 50 nurses. Impact event scale and symptom checklist-90-R used for evaluation of post trauma stress and psychopathology and psychological signs, respectively. The data analyzed by descriptive methods, t test, coefficient correlation and multiple regressions between variables.
Results: Results indicated that avoidance was important sign among emergency nurses and the relationship between PTSD and psychological problems was significant (P<0.001). Multiple regressions showed that somatization and interpersonal sensitivity were the best predictors of PTSD.
Conclusion: Avoidance is a common sign in PTSD that it can impress in conditions such as interpersonal problems or psychosomatic disorders. Emergency nurses avoid from stress events but post traumatic stress affects their psychological aspects and it can cause reactions such as somatic pains and interpersonal problems.