On the relationship between internet addiction and personality traits in adolescents in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper



:Internet addiction points to kind of behavior dependency which person applies it confront with problems. The personality traits are consistent trait in length of time that unchanged in one situation to another situation. Researches showed that personality traits have important effect on internet addiction therefore this research had designed to explore this relationship in adolescents in Tehran.
Materials and Methods: Sample of the study that has done in spring 2008, include 361 high school students that chosen by cluster sampling method and evaluated by Young internet addiction (20 questions) and NEO PI – R questionnaires. Students were empowered to response in this research and their information was saving confidentially. The statistic manner that used in this research includes Pearson’s correlation coefficient and step by step regression analysis.
Results: Results of the research indicated that relationship between neuroticism and internet addiction in female adolescents (P<0.01, r=0.4) and both males and females (all) was significant (P<0.01, r=0.25). Relationship between agreeableness (P<0.05, r=0.17) and conscientiousness (P<0.05, r=0.17) with internet addiction in males reached statistical significance, too.
Conclusion: Internet addiction has relationship with some personality traits in adolescents such as neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness.