Concept of sub-threshold anxiety (non-clinical anxiety): by ground theory methodology

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1 MS, in psychology, Educational Sciences and Psychology Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 PhD. in psychology, Assistant Professor in psychology, Educational Sciences and Psychology Faculty, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

3 PhD. in psychology, Associate Professor in psychology, Educational Sciences and Psychology Department, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: Although sub-threshold disorders do not receive clinical diagnosis, they can lead to dysfunction in individuals. Sub-threshold anxiety is one of the different types of sub-threshold disorders. Attaining a pervasive, thorough, and comprehensive definition of Sub-threshold Anxiety is the crucial pre-requisite of diagnosis, treatment and further researches on the disorder. Accordingly, all researches done on sub-threshold anxiety were analyzed.
Materials and Methods: This research is done based on ground theory methodology (GT). In this method, discoveries are noted in three stages: open coding, axial coding, and selective coding. Eventually, a pervasive and relatively comprehensive model of sub-threshold anxiety is developed.
Results: Substandard anxiety was identified in a model of a disorder, which consists of the process of evolution and sexuality, risk factors, the prevalence rate, detection symptoms, comorbidity, and detection and cure.
Conclusion: Although duration and intensity of sub-threshold anxiety does not show anxiety disorders, and on the other hand physical problems and suicide are indicative of the probable infliction to a complete disorder, it needs prevention and intervention.


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