Keywords = Behavior
Facilitating and preventing factors in moral and immoral behaviors based on the implicit theories of the Iranian people: The role of benefit and costs

Volume 24, Issue 3, May and June 2022, Pages 195-212


Arezou Delfan Beiranvand; Khosro Rashid; Abolghasem Yaghoobi; Rasool Kordnoghabi

Investigating the related factors on suicide methods and suicide attempts in Yazd, Iran

Volume 23, Issue 4, July and August 2021, Pages 299-304


Amene Koohestani; Hamid Owliaey; Zanireh Salimi; Reza Bidaki; Mahdi Ghazanfari Nasrabad

The study of predictive model of social anxiety, based on behavioral inhibition and cognitive factors

Volume 19, Issue 1, January and February 2017, Pages 45-51


Mahdi Amiri; Elham Taheri; Parvaneh Mohammadkhani; Behrooz Dolatshahi

The efficacy of mothers’ training on behavioral and emotional problems of bereaved preschool children

Volume 16, Issue 62, July and August 2014, Pages 100-9


Elham Aghaei; Mehrdad Kalantari; Somayyeh Jamali Paghaleh

The relationship between cognitive-behavioral avoidance coping styles with eating disorder among university students

Volume 14, Issue 56, July and August 2013, Pages 85-287


soodabeh bassak nezhad; Farzaneh Hooman; Mohammad-Ali Ghasemi-Nejad

Report of a patient with behavioral disturbance and personality change due to herpetic encephalitis

Volume 14, Issue 55, September and October 2012, Pages 5-220


farhad raridhoseini; Azar Zamani; Mojgan Khademi

Smoking behavior among male student’s bases on trans-theoretical model

Volume 13, Issue 52, January and February 2012, Pages 95-386


gholamreza sharifirad